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Jeremy Spradlin

js1Jeremy Spradlin is no stranger to the outdoor life style. He began competitive bow shooting in tournaments at an early age. He thrived on the competition and quickly learned the importance of discipline and hard work. He found much success and collected many trophies while building a name for himself.

Jeremy and son, Cutter

Jeremy and son, Cutter

His tournament success gave him the motivation and desire to get serious about hunting. His dad was a big influence who introduced him to the sport. Jeremy still remembers his first hunting experience. He was seven years old and his dad took him duck hunting. He carried a bb gun and followed close in his father’s footsteps. This simple hunt sparked a passion within Jeremy that has continued to burn.

When Jeremy was 15, he decided he wanted to try his hand at deer hunting. He went out on his own behind his family’s home, scouted, and then hung a deer stand. He returned the next day and managed to take his first deer, a doe. He experienced the biggest adrenaline rush of his life and was immediately hooked.

The Spradlins

There is no animal Jeremy doesn’t like chasing. His favorite is whatever season is currently open. Although hunting is extremely important to Jeremy, his greatest passions are his faith and family. Hunting has been a great avenue to enjoy God’s creation while spending time with his family. His wife and three little children keep him busy, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Jeremy is not spending time with his family or in the woods, he works as an engineer for Georgia Power. When first asked to join the Unlimited Outdoors’ Prostaff, he declined fearing he had nothing to offer. This humility is just one of the many characteristics that make us honored to have him on board.